the  q  u  a  t  t  r  o  is the result of about a decade of experimentation aimed at creating the best and most versatile turntable on the market in the price range in which it is positioned, but the ambition was to produce a machine that could compete with competitors of cost triple. I can say with reasonable certainty that the goal has been achieved.
The passion that drives this project and the means that our webshop vintage audioantiquary.com has made available to us have allowed direct comparison with the best productions of all time, In detail the terms of comparison used were: Luxman PD444-555, Sony PSX9 , Kenwood L07d, Exclusive P3, Bergmann Sindre, Goldmund Studio and Studio with T3F and T5, Micro Seiki RX, DDX, SX, DQX, BL series, JVC Victor TT101, EMT 930-950, Thorens TD124, Garrard 301, TW-Acustic Raven AC, Michell Orbe and many others.
The development was done with dozens of different tonearms-cartridges couplings to evaluate most of the possible combinations.
The   q  u  a  t  t  r  o   has been the subject of several evolutionary steps before arriving at the final current configuration, steps that include the choice of materials for each component of the turntable, the spindle bushing system, the suspension, the fixing-adjustment system of the tonearms and each of these steps has been the subject of extensive listening tests.
It must be remembered that this machine was not initially created for commercial purposes but rather as a personal study. Only later when we realized the potential we decided to prepare a version suitable for marketing.
The  q  u  a  t  t  r  o  is completely "made in Italy" in all its parts except for obvious reasons the AC synchronous motor made in Europe anyway.
Every detail has been studied, from the most crucial parts to the fixing screws that are all in stainless steel some not commercial so custom made. There are no magnetic materials except for the suspension rings which are however embedded in the steel of the bushing and of the pin so the flow is axially channeled.
To give an example before deciding which type of lubricant should "fill" the two hundredths of tolerance between spindle and bushing, 7 different types have been tested with costs that in the final version (Fomblin D40) reach figures with three zeroes per kg.
The Fomblin used in the variant has the ability to create a permanent veil of lubricant on moving parts, think that one of the development tests was to use it in the engine lubrication of a vehicle, then empty the cup and running thousands of miles dry using only the veil created without any kind of damage!
The motor rotation control card employs over 200 SMD components and has an accuracy of about ten times greater than the first version used. It is also very compact and this made it possible to fit it into a single chassis together with the toroidal power transformer and the motor itself.

The motor has a triple decoupling from the chassis via a stainless steel frame and an iron base to give greater stability, double PTFE inserts a pair of rubber dampers that press on the main cover of the chassis when it is tightened.

The frame that contains the motor-supply and servocontrol unit is made by milling starting from an aluminum block, therefore no screw is visible, the part near the plate frame follows the same curvature. The block rests on four height-adjustable stainless steel spikes for perfect leveling.
The triple belt traction made of silicone proved to be the best solution, but excellent results were also obtained with a single kevlar thread.

Up to four arms can be installed. The interchangeable bases, of the same material and thickness of the frame, are available for practically every arms on the market. The pins on which the bases are fixed are turned by a bar full of brass and then finished with a triple rhodium cover. We chose the rhodium, expensive treatment usually reserved for high-level connectors because of the surface hardness. You can replace and tighten the arm bases firmly throughout the turntable's life without the pins being degraded.
The last part in terms of time we focused on is the record-platter coupling system.
We have discarded the gravity clamp systems because the perfectly calibrated magnetic levitation would have affected its use. We have therefore designed an innovative system that allows a stable coupling with a low weight. For the first time ever, a tapered conical pin is used in combination with a stainless steel bush which houses three balls which, by means of a calibrated spring and a lock / unlock button, maintain a constant pressure on the pin. The way of use is intuitive and immediate and does not require uncomfortable screwing unscrewing. We are evaluating the patent application.
We are extremely proud of this first project that has had a very long gestation but that has allowed us to create a product that, we are sure, will make the analogical fans happy.



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