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Product code BNC0001
Category USB - BNC
Brand AECO

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The Taiwan AEC Group is one of the largest connectors for audio use manufacturers (contract basis) in the world

The AECO line, of which we are exclusive distributors for our country, has as its objective the realization of the best ever made connectors.

The quality of materials and impeccable workmanship give the immediate impression of having hit the goal.

Consider That to prevent any form of oxidation of the pre-sale materials the items are stocked and shipped in vacuum packs.


To provide more selection of the cable type

In order to achieve the best transmission effect (VSWR approaches 1) in RF fields,we will concentrate the specifications for the correspondence between connectors and cables.

For example, the Japan specification (4C, 5C) or US specification (RG-59, RG-6U) and other specification and impedance, You must choose the same specification and impedance for the connectors and cables.

The definition of the specifications is to maintain a connection after assembly and retain a fixed percentage of the section conductor and insulation diameter ratio.

In case of the unclear specification or the cable has only marked with 50 or 75 ohm, it will create a situation where no corresponding connector.
Under these circumstances, ABC-0701 will be proposed a solution on it.

In a specified size range for the cables, it will allow cables to retain a fixed percentage of the section conductor and insulation diameter ratio after complete assembly and also achieve the best transmission effect

Mechanical structure:
Contact pin uses the barb hook into the insulation for operate when assemble
(Contact pin will not be assemble when deliver)
The body and the insulation will used the barb hook to operate when tighten,
and use the middle piece shell with punch riveting to fix.
The BNC interface shell use spring and washer to cove on the body and it can spin independently.
The final part and middle part of the shell locked by screwing,
and to fix with the cable and the shell stable by a screw.


BODY MATERIAL: stainless steel and brass


Contact Pin: Copper (#C1100 / copper contains over 99.5%) gold plating (no nickel base)

Grounding: Tellurium Copper (#C14500 / copper contains over 99%) gold plating (no nickel base)


SHELL: brass


Cable Hole for pin: 1.8mm
Cable Hole: 8.5mm
Biggest OD: 14.5mm
Total Length: 42.0mm
The corresponding of the cable size:
Center conductor <1.6mm
Insulation OD >2.8mm
Cable OD <8.3mm

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