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Being producers of multi-arm record players we have dealt with many of the so-called "Tractor" on the market. Substantially, apart from the construction quality and the materials used, there are few differences between one and the other.
The characteristic that unites them is in any case a very high price that starts from almost 200 euros up to over 500
We have managed to find one that is very well done and that we can offer at a really competitive price.
Our armtractor is very precise, clear to use, intuitive and exceptional value for money.
Let's put the case of having to install an arm whose distance "pivot to spindle" is 230mm, it will be sufficient to position as shown in the picture on the central pin of the platter using one of the three adapters supplied that best match with the pin.


slide the rod to the correct length, lock the whole with the knob on the side and adjust the height of the pin that supports the graduated disk that will give the indication for the drilling and / or adjustment of the position of the arm


the transparent disk has crossed and graduated references that will help for any punctures if the base of the arm provides for fixing with peripheral screws


the Armractor and his accessories comes in a wooden box

good job !

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