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Brand 1877 PHONO

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This time Zavfino surpassed itself managing to concentrate in a few millimeters of cable one of the biggest changes in terms of quality of reproduction, in my opinion, never realized on the cables.

It will be that the signal output from the cartridge, in the case of MC, a few microvolts need to be treated with the "white gloves", in many cases the quality of these cables is left to chance, but really few times I have found a result so clearly audible. It is difficult to focus Cryo Gold's intervention on certain parameters because the qualitative leap is total: increased resolution, firmness of the low range, three-dimensional image of the wealth of detail are just some of the parameters that immediately appear evident, but the general feeling of quality increase is impressive.

For the first time I would advise anyone who has the possibility to install them, this set of cables without any reservation

you will not be disappointed!

The materials are the same as those used in Gold Rush, ie a mix of UP-OCC copper wires plated with 24K gold and others in 99.9999% (7N) silver of purity grade twisted

Both types of conductors are cryogenically treated before extrusion and then subjected to a special ultrasonic cleaning process called Ultra-Sonic7 ™ as it has been found that any microscopic impurities that remain on wires of this size have a great influence on the result , the four cables are then terminated with silver-plated OFHC copper connectors and then rhodium plated. The welding is done by means of a special tin and copper alloy with a very high percentage (8%) of silver

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