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Product code ZCL0002
Category 4 PINS
Brand EIZZ

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EIZZ not only builds excellent connectors but it is one of the largest suppliers of clogs for manufacturers of audio tubes, the production of high end Shuguang, in the series and Treasure Psvane mounts hooves EIZZ.

As a result there is also a range of frame's sockets of very high level. There are two product lines: ceramic body or Teflon body. however using both the same excellent pin, which you can see an enlargement below, with an internal spring retainer structure which ensures excellent contact.

The pin's system retention uses a forelock, that leaves those few tenths of movement you need, so the delicate pin of the valve are not subjected to excessive force.


As you can see the whole is studied in detail!




BODY: Teflon (PTFE)

CONTACT PIN: Phosphor bronze pin tube / beryllium copper spring retainer fixed

SUITABLE FOR TUBES (examples ): 300B,2A3,811, 572B,5U4G,274A,45,50,71A etc. 


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