EZR 250+250 kΩ G AMRS

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Shipping on: 17 Sep 2019
Product code PTZ0061.05
Brand EIZZ

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When my friend Yong from EIZZ told me the price of these little masterpieces, after receiving the samples I thought it was a joke. I sent an e-mail to which amused Yong replied that seriously not joking.


Guys we are talking about a logarithmic potentiometer with calibrated curve as from the graph, the resistive divider with 24 steps consist of a series of resistors of standard size to the metal layer, 1% tolerance, two sections (stereo) output terminals OFC isolated in PTFE, maccanica supported by internal disks always milled from solid PTFE, shaft in brass, aluminum CNC case machined micropalinato and finished with black anodizing at a price absolutely AMAZING!


Available in standard values from 10 to 250 k


Our Eastern friends never cease to amaze me.


Stereo 250+250 kΩ Log. premium ARMS carbon film resistors made in Japan

Price each

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