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I spent a lot of time researching a similar product on the market that would be useful for our top-of-the-range power distributor

I can say with reasonable certainty that there is nothing on the world market that had the characteristics I set for myself: the lowest possible contact resistance, the highest possible insulation resistance, certifiable product,

"audio grade"

I therefore decided to make it myself

In practice it is a distribution bar that allows the input current to be sorted up to nine different outputs with a level of construction never achieved before

the structure starts from a 15 mm diameter tellurium copper bar


the inlet holes accept conductors up to 9 AWG, 3 mm in diameter and 6.6 mmq and are fixed by a hexagonal head screw in gilded brass 

The bar is then inserted into a Delrin® element with a tubular section that places 7.5 mm of wall between the conductive material and the exterior.

the whole is blocked by two Delrin® terminals on both sides and by two anodized aluminum supports for fixing to the plane

and this is the final result

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