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The DQC unit is one of the most advanced and sophisticated drive systems for turntables ever made. Born for our project "Q U A T T R O" but can be universally used.

It consists of two frames, one dedicated to the engine itself, the second to the control and power unit. We have chosen, after careful analysis and several prototypes, the most expensive division into two units, unlike the majority of what is on the market, for several reasons:

 The possibility of use with the majority of turntables with separate motors on the market

The positioning of the control unit is displaced from that of the motor, for example you can place the traction part also behind the turntable, or in any case in a position that would be uncomfortable to reach, and have controls and display in the most convenient position for the user The adjustment of the correct leveling and height of the "power unit" does not involve the control part.


Both frames are made from solid aluminum blocks where the housings of the various components have been milled. In this way, only the strictly indispensable material has been eliminated so as to keep the structures with the highest possible mass for the benefit of stability and reduction of spurious vibrations, both received and issued.


This system, engine and its controller, was designed specifically for the specific job of providing traction to a turntable platter. Therefore, the motor, as a driving piece, has technical characteristics particularly suitable for this work, especially with regard to the precision of the movement, very low vibrations with consequent total elimination of the noise. A piece of European workmanship, with the highest quality materials and strict controls during production, which ensure a long life that is virtually fault-free. Furthermore, we have chosen this motor in particular, to offer a generous power output, far beyond the calculated need, over sized, but with the right balance to avoid generating other problems commonly associated with over dimensioning. In other words, we have had "Right Sizing" under strict control throughout the design process.

The control system and interface for the user, completely developed in Italy, uses as a main piece, a micro controller for professional use, of NXP, (Free Scale - Motorola).

This micro controller is "timed" by an absolute precision "quartz" oscillator, thus offering an extremely precise time base, to generate the signal to be sent to the motor. In fact, although the system is a "belt drive", the rotation stability is staggering. The firmware is based on a "slice timming" system controlled by the same program, with the aim of making the use more pleasant to the user, in addition to other advantages that make the use of the micro controller more efficient in carrying out its task. All the firmware has been specifically developed for this particular application and has required 600 hours for development, without using any kind of routine or generic program, now very common on the internet, making our firmware extremely efficient.

A very convenient user-interface, with physical keys, and a numeric alpha display that lets you know the status from the system at any time. All this together, makes the system completely intuitive to use and very simple. The complex part is done internally so the user does not have to worry about it. It is provided as an option, the addition of a tachometer, to know the exact value of the plate rotation speed. This speedometer uses a laser beam to measure the speed of the plate and sends its pulses to the micro controller, which calculates every single rotation from the platter, showing the result on the numeric alpha display. Once again, the time base for this task is the high stability quartz crystal which the micro controller is equipped with.


The cover of the unit that contains the motor is easily removable and is fixed to the rest of the frame with small magnets. 


Once removed below it is a precision level
through this it is possible a perfect leveling of the motor unit by means of the four stainless steel cam and spike mechanisms which also allow a height adjustment of the whole block to align the belt to the platter



it is necessary to see these parts in real life to realize the extremely high build quality, precision and degree of finishing of the materials


Technical features.


Power supply: 220 230 VAC, 30 Watts (max)

Motor type: BLDC, with external rotor.

Engine power: up to 18.8 Watts.

Speed: 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. (delivered with a 30 cm pulley for dishes)

Speed control: (pitch) 6% more or less.

Memory: 3, one independent for each speed.

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