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 "Q   U   A   T   T   R   O"      SYNCRONOUS POWER UNIT



The synchronous motor unit that equips the "Q  U  A  T  T  R  O" project can also be purchased separately and used to rotate other types of turntables as well, such as the historical Micro seiki SX O RX series

Completely autonomous it does not need external power supply, everything is already contained in the block that is directly connected to the 230 volt


The motor rotation control card employs over 200 SMD components and has an accuracy of about ten times greater than the first version used. It is also very compact and this made it possible to fit it into a single chassis together with the toroidal power transformer and the motor itself.

The motor has a triple decoupling from the chassis via a stainless steel frame and an iron base to give greater stability, double PTFE inserts a pair of rubber dampers that press on the main cover of the chassis when it is tightened.

The frame that contains the motor-supply and servocontrol unit is made by milling starting from an aluminum block, therefore no screw is visible, the part near the plate frame follows the same curvature. The block rests on four height-adjustable stainless steel spikes for perfect leveling.
The triple belt traction made of silicone proved to be the best solution, but excellent results were also obtained with a single kevlar thread.

Technical features.


Power supply: 220 230 VAC, 20 Watts (max)

Motor type: SYNCRONOUS

Speed: 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm (delivered with a 30 cm pulley for dishes)

Speed control: (pitch) 10% more or less.

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