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Product code CAVC000.06
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Born after an apressant request on our part to obtain the extraordinary performance of the Silver Dart line applied on a single conductor.

The cable was developed after a deep experimentation with the aim of finding the best geometry to obtain the maximum possible sound performance.

The structure is composed of a solid core central conductor in very pure Single Crystal OCC Copper Ø 1.3 mm.

Around this, 14 thin 0.32 mm conductors of the same copper, of which seven are silver plated, are wrapped with the H-Wound ™ technique. This geometry allows the skin effect to be brought very close to zero to the advantage of signal transfer. The whole assembly is covered by a thin layer of transparent PTFE (Teflon) and subsequently by the Graphene particle sheath drowned in a special conductive resin, the same used in the entire Silver Dart line, which represents a fundamental part of the exceptional sound performance of this production. The cable cover is completed by a last soft PVC jacket in two red and black colors.

The insulation is 600 volts, we therefore consider this new product by Zavfino truly universal and suitable for very high level wiring in all sectors where it is desired to obtain a complete and very pure transfer of power, voltage and current.

We have chosen this conductor for the wiring of our top-of-the-range AC distributor which will be presented at the Munich High End but we look forward to experiencing it in all areas of expertise.

Like all products, Zavfino is subjected to the cryogenic and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

Internal Ø 2.50mm external Ø 5.0mm

Price each linear meter

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